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Welcome to Anomaly

by Thekk Bloodforge, 356 days ago

The votes have been counted and the cost has been paid.  

 Welcome to 


Please register at the new site.


Hope to see you all there soon.

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Guild Rename Poll

by Thekk Bloodforge, 358 days ago

Please vote.


Polling closes thursday.


voting beep boop will score you an automatic gkick.

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Tuesday night progression

by Thekk Bloodforge, 364 days ago

Had to post and say just how proud I am to be a part of our progression run last night.


Metreon asked for pictures, so here's the highlights of the evening...

First we dropped Amalgamation of Corruption

Then we Destroyed the Sha of Pride

Galakras was next to fall

Finally, we managed to dismantle the Iron Juggernaut

A big cheer to our raid team last night, seen above:  Lanilani, Shamgasmic, Thekk, Whoarlock, Swizzle, Kuzaar, Jzeejenkins, Ballist, Infaerina, and Kindled.


Hope to see everyone again on Thursday for more flex and progression fun!

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About Hug a Murloc

Hug a Murloc (HaM) is an Alliance guild on the Kilrogg server.  HaM was formed on November 1, 2013 as a Re-roll guild, and we're proud of the fact that we're one of the re-rolls that actually made it to end game.  In late November, 2013, the Kilrogg and Winterhoof servers were merged, so members of both servers are welcome in HaM.  We founded HaM to provide a laid-back and friendly atmosphere of tight-knit players who still enjoy playing the World of Warcraft (WoW) but understand that WoW is a hobby, not a second job. We are focused primarily on the late-night player with real-life committments.  We believe the bonds of friendship you forge are more important than any boss you defeat or loot you obtain.

We understand and embrace the desire to keep playing and enjoying WoW, but without the pressure to log in every night or raid four nights a week. Our focus in on Flex progression through SoO first.  After we clear SoO on Flex, we will form a 25-man team to clear it on normal.

We raid on Tuesday & Thursday nights from 9:00pm PST - 12:00am PST (Server time).

While we are a guild for busy folks, don't mistake our relaxed approach as lacking a clear vision or having defined expectations.  When we are raiding we expect members to give 100% effort, play their character correctly and down normal and flex-mode content.